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Are you ready to get rachFIIT?

Small Group Classes 

This 45-minute HIIT (High-intensity interval training) class combines strength and cardio exercises to deliver a full-body workout that will leave you feeling accomplished and energized. This type of training keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time!


Join this group class to boost your motivation, hold you accountable, and improve your fitness!


Suitable for all fitness levels! 

Personal Training

individualized programs

Health and fitness is not one size fits all - we all have different needs and goals, and I want to help YOU reach yours the right way! 


Option 1: Individualized Program


This personalized exercise program will help you reach your current goals effectively. Your program will include nutrition guidelines and a sample meal plan. Weekly check-ins will keep you motivated and hold you accountable. Book your 15-minute consultation. 


Option 2: Individualized program and 1-1 training via zoom


You will receive a program tailored to your goals and needs and I will work with you one on one through weekly zoom training sessions. I will ensure you are performing the exercises correctly to prevent injury, and I will hold you accountable and keep you motivated!


Book your 15-minute consultation. 

Outdoor Bootcamps 

spring, summer & fall

My outdoor bootcamps are full-body HIIT style, using resistance bands and bodyweight. With the combination of cardio exercises and strength exercises, you will leave feeling stronger, sweatier, and energized from the release of endorphins - your body’s feel-good chemicals.


Suitable for all fitness levels! 

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